What to expect

1. Decide when you want to go

Sessions take place on Friday afternoon, from noon until 5pm, Friday evening from 5pm to midnight and Saturday from midday until midnight. You can turn up at anytime during these sessions and pay on the door.

2. Buy your beer vouchers

Purchase from the ticket desk, or from a stall in the theatre foyer, they come in two denominations of 20p and £1.00. Maximum purchase £20.

3. Grab a glass

You also need to obtain a glass, for which you have to pay a deposit.

4. Savour the flavour

Move around the different bars sampling the beers, which are available in halves and pints, paying for them in beer vouchers and discuss the merits of each beer with your friends. Tasting notes are available for this.

5. All done?

When you are ready to go you can return the glass for a refund of your deposit. Unspent beer vouchers are non-refundable.

6. VOTE!

Before you leave… don’t forget to vote for your favourite beer of the festival.

Upgrade to VIP!

Alternatively, you can buy a VIP Beer Package in advance. This gives you admission, Beer Vouchers, a glass, and a voucher exchangeable for food, as a package for fast track admission.

The VIP Beer Package costs £20 per person from The Met, by calling 0161 761 2216, or online here.

(Telephone and internet bookings also have to pay a £2.50 per-transaction booking fee).